At HARI we are very keen to help you understand your treatment and the journey you are about to undertake. We have assembled here a collection of useful information videos, which introduce you to some of the team that will provide your care and provide an insight into the HARI approach to working with our patients.

We have also prepared a series of animated videos introduced by our clinicians to outline the key procedures and treatments, which make be prescribed for you.

To make the videos readily accessible to you, we have grouped them in two libraries:

Meet HARI and our Specialist Teams

HARI Overview

HARI's specialist Clinical Team

Expert Embryologists & leading technology

Patient Support and Counselling

Pregnyl Video

Understanding your Treatments

A Guide to Embryo Transfer

Oocyte Retrieval

Flare Protocol

Antagonist Protocol

Long Protocol

These videos are an additional educational guide we have prepared for you. Please remember that the HARI team will support you at all stages in your treatment and we invite you to address any questions you may have to us to ensure you are adequately informed and comfortable throughout your treatment.