HARI Treatments

Getting Started with HARI

Once your clinician has recommended that the next step for you is IVF, you will be invited to attend an Open Meeting. To facilitate couples, we hold this meeting in the evening and couples will have the opportunity to meet with members of the HARI team and to find exactly what is involved for couples wishing to embark on assisted reproductive treatment.

Our next step together is a welcome visit to get you started after which you will be under the care of the highly skilled HARI clinical team, led by our Consultants Dr Mocanu and Dr Roopnarinesingh.

Further good news is that your wait to start treatment is over. There are no waiting times to access our treatments. We ensure that all your tests are up to date and once we have agreed your treatment plan you are ready to start with your next cycle. On the very rare occasions that we are fully booked for a particular month, we guarantee that you will be able to start your treatment with us the next month.

If you have had a cycle of treatment with HARI and wish to return for a review visit, please contact our appointment team on +353 1 807 2711.