HARI Treatment Options

Semen Freezing

We offer this service at HARI clinic to facilitate several groups of clients:

  • Those wishing to freeze sperm due to oncology or medical reasons.
  • Those that may have difficulty or are worried about producing semen samples, can freeze a sample in HARI prior to treatment as a 'back-up' plan.

Patients are asked to produce their samples in our very discreet facilities. This allows a rapid transfer directly to lab and ensures full traceability of the sample.

Each sample is analysed to assess suitability for IVF and ICSI. This assessment includes the sperm count, motility, progression and morphology. The sample is then mixed with a cryoprotectant to protect it from the rigors of cold shock, enabling the semen to be frozen and stored for many years.

A drop in motility is often observed following freezing. Hence, one ampuole with a minimal volume of semen is thawed out following freezing to assess survival. This allows the embryologist to make a recommendation in advance regarding future treatment options.