HARI Treatment Options

Safety in our Laboratory

Couples often seek reassurance and ask: "How do we know we are getting our embryos?". At HARI, this is of paramount importance to us. We use a quality management system that incorporates a witnessing system. When you register with HARI, you are given a unique client ID number. You will be asked to confirm your identities at the time your samples are donated and also prior to any replacement. There is a full traceability system during culture, including a double witnessing system, to give you absolute comfort and reassurance. In addition, every piece of critical equipment, in particular incubators and freezers have an elaborate monitoring system which operates 24 hours a day, 356 days per year, ensuring that all our equipment meets the optimum requirements for safe storage. HARI has an emergency on-call system, so should there be any change in temperature or environment monitoring, we have a trained embryologist on standby to attend.