HARI Treatment Options


An Embryologists role is to safeguard the eggs, sperm and embryos entrusted to us. We ensure that they are kept in conditions as close as possible to the environment from which they came. As they are particularly sensitive to light, temperature, and environment fluctuations, our laboratory runs on state of the art equipment that emulates these conditions. We have specialised, dimmed lighting and we are the only clinic in Ireland to use IVF Chambers and MINC incubators.

Temperature and pH are key factors in allowing embryos best develop. We now have five MINC Benchtop Incubators that are specifically designed to rapidly equilibrate temperature and pH. This reduces stress for the embryo.

To assess an egg or embryo, our Embryologists remove them from the incubator. HARI has invested in IVF chambers that have inbuilt microscopes allowing our Embryologists to assess and handle embryos without compromising their environment.