Price List

Treatment Prices

  IVF:4,400 ICSI:4,900 Blastocyst:700 Day 2/3 transfer with remaining embryos cultured to blastocyst:450 Embryo Freeze (incl. 1st years storage)500 Assisted Hatching:200 EU Blood Virals (per patient)150 Natural IVF2,000 Follicle Tracking Scans (Cycle):450 IUI400 IVF/ICSI change to IUI1,300 Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)1,000 FET with blastocyst culturing:1,350 Semen Analysis120 Semen Freeze (Incl. 1st Year Storage)400 Testicular Aspiration (TESE)1,000 Initial HARI Consultation (may be used as full credit against future HARI treatments)160 Third and subsequent Review Consultations 100 Missed Appointment Fee (48 Hour Cancelation Policy)65

Refund Policy

As part of our commitment to couples whose cycles unfortunately may not result in an embryo transfer, HARI offers the following credits against future treatments:

   IVFICSI Cycle stopped at Down Regulation4,4004,900 Cycle stopped at stimulation4,0004,500 No eggs collected9001,400 No Embryo transfer after egg collection900900

Should patients elect not to return to HARI for treatment, the following amounts will be repaid;

   IVFICSI Cycle stopped at Down Regulation4,0004,500 Cycle stopped at stimulation3,4003,900 No eggs collected6001,100 No Embryo transfer after egg collection300300

Other Treatment Credits/Refunds

  Natural IVF - Stopped Cycle:1,600 Frozen Embryo Transfer, Thawed embryo not suitable for transfer 400

Effective April 1st 2013

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